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We are heretic pride, a soc,lvling,and soon to be raiding guild. We are atm takeing on members of all lvls and classes to help our guild grow. This guild was made in hopes of haveing a guild that was mature,fun,and most of all fair to its members. We are hopeing to make this guild into something big where everyone feels they are apart of something and they do not feel left out or cast out by there gm,officers,etc. There are alot of guilds out there that imo hold people back and play favs with there RL frnds in the guild. i can safely say that will not happen in this guild. We are like i said takeing on all members but we would like to get more 80+ players in the guild to start our guild heroics and guild raids going asap. Our guild motto says it all. no drama,no bullshit,keep it fun :) . We hope to see u around fizzcrank sometime
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Help us grow

Blackvayne of fizz, Jan 6, 11 5:08 PM.
We are geting more and more people in the guild everyday, If we are to make this guild into something we are going to need some help. If u are sick of being in guilds that make u feel ignored or out of place then come hang out with us
We have all been there, trying to get raid rdy in a guild but never geting that chance to raid cuz of gm's that play favs
or trying for achivs in game and not haveing any luck because your guild just does not seem to care. We are a guild of good frnds and all members are treated as such.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Blackvayne of fizz, Jan 2, 11 2:35 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Arcane (5)
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Frost (4)
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Assassination (3)
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Subtlety (3)
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